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HTTP Status CodeMessage ContentsDetails
200{"id": Integer, "status": String}We have accepted the email and are queuing it for delivery. The ID is our internal email ID, the status will always be "pending"
400{"error":"Invalid API Token"} We can't match your API token to a Domain
400{"error":"Email from address not parseable"}Our API is unable to parse the email address you are sending from
400{"errors":{"to":["undefined field"]}}You did not include a To field in your request
400{"errors":{"to":["is invalid"]}}The To field does not contain a valid email address
400{"errors":{"to":["contains a blocked address"]}}An email in the To field is in your blocked addresses list, which we cannot send to
400{"errors":{"to":["number of email addresses exceeds maximum volume"]}}You can send up to 50 emails in one go by including them in the To field, this request has more than 50 emails in the To field
400{"errors":{"":["Extension file type blocked, see Docs for full list of allowed file types"]}}See here for details of allowed attachment file types
401{"error":"Missing API Token"}You must include an API token in every request
403{"error:"Domain DKIM DNS not verified, please complete DKIM Verification"}Every domain must complete DKIM verification before emails can be sent from it
403{"error:"The organization that owns this domain does not have an active plan"}Each organization must have an active plan to allow emails to be sent
403{"error:"This organization is unable to send emails. Please contact support"}Your organization has been disabled. Please contact support via email for details:
403{"error:"Verified domain does not match domain in From address of email"}The From address needs to contain exactly the same domain that you have registered, for example, if the email has a From address of, you must be attempting to send using the API token for the address
406{"error:"Invalid request format or content type"}Something in your request is invalid, check the (Send Reference Documentation)[send] for details
429{"error:"You are sending emails too quickly"}You are being rate limited due to sending too many emails in a short period of time. The application of rate limits varies depending on factors such as organization age, plan, and historical sending patterns. Contact Support if you are experiencing this regularly
500No contentInternal Server Error - our application is down, contact support if this persists